The Ultimate Mother's Day DIY Bloody Mary Bar

April 29, 2020

The Ultimate Mother's Day DIY Bloody Mary Bar

You don't need a reservation when you're brunching at home. And since brunch has relocated to your home kitchens for the foreseeable future, and Mother's Day is just around the corner, this is the perfect time to build a fully loaded Bloody bar. Follow these simple tips to make a restaurant worthy spread.

  1. Spirits: Vodka is the obvious spirit partner when it comes to Bloody Marys. However, at The Real Dill we also love drinking our Bloodys with tequila, gin, whiskey, and even beer (Mexican lagers are preferred).
  2. The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix: Cucumber infused water, a byproduct of our pickling process, is the star ingredient in our famed Bloody Mary Mix. Paired with generous amounts of horseradish, dill, garlic, and habaneros, we bottled the essence of your backyard garden, shattering the stigma that freshness can’t come in a jar. Unlike most mixes, ours only contains ten simple, high-quality ingredients bursting with bold, rich flavors. Bright, vivacious, and spirited, we set a new standard for what Bloody Marys can and should be. (Available in 32 oz. jars or 64 oz. Growlers, 4 Packs and 6 Packs).
  3. Mason jar drinking glasses: Because mason jars make everything look good.
  4. Reusable metal straws: Our Bloody Mary Mix is full of dill, fresh horseradish, habanero, and garlic, and you don't want to leave any behind. These stainless steal straws are easy to clean and great for the environment; win, win.
  5. The Real Dill Bloody Mary Rimming Spice: Your rim deserves a little love too, and this savory, tangy, and citrusy salt based seasoning perfectly compliments the flavors found in our Bloody Mary Mix. 
  6. Pickles: Caraway Garlic Dills for the traditional folk, Jalapeño Honey Dills for those who like a little heat and sweet, and Habanero Horseradish Dills since it's been our standard bearer and crowd favorite since day one (plus, our Bloody Mary Mix is modeled after this recipe).
  7. Non-cucumber pickles: Pickled garlic, pickled cocktail onions, olives, pepperoncini, pickled green beans, pickled sweet peppers...the more pickled things, the better!
  8. Veggies: Fresh veggies add pops of color to your table and an extra crunch to your beverage. Celery stalks, sweet mini peppers, watermelon radishes, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and pea pods are a few of our favorites. Roasted shishito peppers provide a nice smokey flavor as well. 
  9. Meats: Bacon, charcuterie, jerky, salami, and sausage are our top picks. 
  10. Cheese: pepper jack, fresh mozzarella, Swiss, and sharp cheddar...let's be honest, you can't go wrong with cheese!
  11. Lemon and lime wedges: For a pop of freshness. 
  12. Fresh ground black pepper

Our favorite recipes to take your garnish options to the next level:

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