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Testimonials from Retail Partners

"The Real Dill is THE BEST! We receive a confirmation from you guys within minutes of sending you guys the order and then tracking and invoice follow shortly after. AND THEN…the shipment arrives with no breakage, no issues, no mistakes. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!"
Lisa Innes, HeyDey

"The Real Dill has been a fantastic partner for Mouth. Their team is reliable, fast and cooler than a cucumber. Their jars are beautifully packed with some of the crunchiest, tastiest pickles to have hit our tasting table – the Real Dill, indeed!"
Kate Harper, Mouth Foods

"The Real Dill is really one of our favorite suppliers. They understand our needs as a small producer and retailer which is SOOO helpful. The products they make are absolutely TOP SHELF in terms of quality, taste and packaging. The whole team understands how to develop its brand and create working relationships with suppliers. I appreciate the time they've taken to ask us about new products and packaging. What else can I say… they are awesome and make outstanding products that we are proud to offer to our customers!"
Arthur Hartunian, Napa Valley Distillery

"The pickles and Bloody Mary mix from The Real Dill are beautiful and tasty. I am proud to carry these products in my store because their products and my seasonings complement one another."
Susan Kirkpatrick, Savory Spice Shop

"I learned at a young age that business was more about the relationship of good people and the quality of the items we buy and sell more so than that of a chase for profit. The Real Dill has kept a place in my company's future and the product mix I choose to offer because of their commitment to the highest quality ingredients, the obvious “love” they have for “real” foods and the fact that they are “Real People” who are hands on in every aspect of their business. We Love these guys! Everyone needs to taste The Real Dill!"
Samm White, Cheese Importers

“At Cured we search for great products made by great people.  When a company makes a truly fantastic product, and just so happen to be awesome people as well, it’s hard to not be excited about having them on our shelves. Great ingredients, sharp packaging that stands out on the shelf, or counter at home, and fantastic people that back it all up.”
Will Frischkorn, Cured Boulder