Green Chile Hot Sauce Returns

October 11, 2018

Green Chile Hot Sauce Returns

In the beginning days of The Real Dill, Justin and Tyler participated in the Chile Chili Festival, where they met farmer and chile roaster, Shane Milberger of Milberger Farms, who was very passionate about Pueblo chiles. He was even promoting them over hatch chiles, stating that they should be the official Colorado chile. Milberger had a unique roasting technique; water was shot into the roaster as the chiles roasted, and the steam pulled a lot of the skin off in the process. This gave the chiles an incredible flavor, making them the best of their kind.

Tyler kept in touch with Milberger over the years, and when we released Pueblo Chile Chips as a 2015 Seasonal Series release, we bought all of our chiles from him. As a zero food waste company, minimizing waste is very important to us. So when we had left over chiles from the Pueblo Chile Chips, we made a “Happy Holidays Hot Sauce” and gave it to our retail partners as a small token of appreciation and holiday gifts. It was labeled “made for fun not for sale!” Almost immediately afterwards, we started receiving wholesale orders from stores that wanted to sell the hot sauce; obviously, they didn't read the label! People swore that it was the best hot sauce they ever had, and some went as far as making jokes, or so we thought, about finding extra bottles on the black market.

The requests for hot sauce, both for personal consumption and retail, never stopped. We finally succumbed to the pressure and created Green Chile Hot Sauce as our limited-edition 2017 Fall/Winter Seasonal Series release. With Pueblo Chiles being such an iconic Colorado ingredient, and one that is so seasonally relevant this time of year, we figured it would be the perfect fit.

Since then, we’ve received overwhelming feedback, and once again, the requests for hot sauce, haven’t stopped. We’ve literally received hundreds of emails with pleas of bringing it back again (re: Please make more Green Chile Hot Sauce. My wife got into my stash and I can't find it anywhere. (Russell F.)). Alas, our love for this recipe led us to cave into the pressure once again and bring back Green Chile Hot Sauce as a full time product!

Green Chile Hot Sauce isn’t a typical hot sauce. It's more of a “pour on your food” than “sprinkle over your food” sauce. It’s an amazingly versatile flavor bomb that has a little bit of a kick to it. Tyler was initially inspired by the authentic green chile they use on the burritos at El Taco De Mexico. Rich roasted flavors, celebrating the Pueblo Green Chile are at the forefront, followed by a smokey, round, but not overwhelming, heat on the finish.

The star ingredients in Green Chile Hot Sauce are fire roasted Pueblo Green Chiles. We also added roasted jalapeños, garlic, and onions. In a hot sauce, you need to balance heat with acidity, so use Baere-liner Weisse beer from Baere Brewing Company, which has acidic and tart qualities. We had an organic relationship with Baere Brewing Company and knew the Baere-liner Weisse has a nice acidic backbone to its flavor profile. This specific beer really cuts through the heat, while still providing beer flavor. It’s also light in color, so it doesn't muddy up the finished product. We think it adds a nice, subtle fermented funk flavor to the sauce.

Green Chile Hot Sauce will be available online and in stores the week of October 22, 2018. 

Join us for the official relaunch party at the Baere Brewing Company Taproom (320 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203) on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 2 pm. 

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