Green Chile Hot Sauce

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  • An amazingly versatile flavor bomb to pour on everything

    Green Chile Hot Sauce isn’t a typical hot sauce. We put it in a larger than usual bottle because you'll want to pour, not dash, it on everything. It’s an amazingly versatile flavor bomb that has a kick to it. Inspired by authentic, Denver green chile, this sauce features rich, roasted flavors, celebrating Colorado's Pueblo Green Chile at the forefront, followed by a smoky, round, but not overwhelming, heat on the finish.

    The star ingredients in Green Chile Hot Sauce are fire roasted Pueblo Green Chiles and Baere-liner Weisse beer from Baere Brewing Company. We also fire roasted jalapeños, garlic, and onions. Baere-liner Weisse has a nice acidic backbone to its flavor profile, which cuts through the heat, adding a complimentary, subtle fermented funk flavor to the sauce.

    When we had leftover green chiles from a Pueblo Chile Chips, our 2015 Fall/Winter Seasonal Series release, that we didn't want to go to waste, we created a scratch-made hot sauce and gave away bottles, labeled as "Made for fun, not for sale." But not everyone got the message and pleaded with us to start selling it. After several years of persistent requests, we relented, and created Green Chile Hot Sauce as our 2017 Fall/Winter Seasonal Series release. Since then, we’ve received overwhelming feedback and the requests for hot sauce, haven’t stopped. We’ve literally received hundreds of emails with pleas of bringing it back again (re: Please make more green Chile hot sauce. My wife got into my stash and I can't find it anywhere. (Russell F.)). Alas, our love for this recipe led us to cave into the pressure once again and bring back Green Chile Hot Sauce as a full time product.

    Want to learn more? Check this out for all of the details behind the release!

    Net Weight: 16 oz. | 1 pint 

    Here's the dill. We’re relentlessly committed to making the absolute best products of their kind, and when it comes to quality, we make no compromises. This means we only use the finest fresh, natural ingredients that you recognize from your pantry or garden. None of our ingredients are created in a test tube. We proudly handcraft all of our products in small batches from scratch, in Denver Colorado, with care, intention, and love.

    Giving Back. We launched our Charitable Partner Program to achieve our goal of giving back through fundraising and outreach. Every year, we select one nonprofit partner to be the recipient of our donations.

    Environmental Commitment. We’re proudly a zero-food-waste company, which repurposes or donates 100% of its food scraps to a local nonprofit that composts them for their urban farming programs.

  • Ingredients: Baere Brewing Company Baerer-liner Weisse (water, malted barely, malted wheat, yeast, hops, lactobacillus), fire roasted Pueblo green chile, water, roasted jalapeño chile, lime juice, vinegar, cilantro, garlic, salt, roasted onion, sugar, spices

    *Contains less than .5% alcohol

  • How long do this hot sauce last?

    The hot sauce will last for 1 year, unopened. After it's opened, it will last for 2 months if refrigerated.

    Does it need to be refrigerated?

    Only after it has been opened. Until then, it is safe to be stored in a cool, dark place.

    Is it gluten free?

    No, because this is made with Baere Brewing Company Baere-liner Weisse beer.

    Is it vegan?


    Where do the Pueblo Chiles come from?

    We work with Shane Milberger of Milberger farms in Pueblo, CO. We believe he harvests the best chiles of their kind.

    Are your products available in stores near me?

    They might be! Check out our store locator page to see if there are any stores near you that carry our products.

    Do you make this hot sauce or are is it made by a contractor?

    We do not contract out any production. We make everything in our own facility (called The Dillery) in Denver, Colorado.

    To view a more extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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Ron N.
United States United States

Green chili

Awesome sauce, you get that little bit of **** and hops from the brew then the roasted chili’s and subtle jalapeño kick! Delicious boii!

The Real Dill Green Chile Hot Sauce Review
Steven B.
United States United States

Best Green Chili Sauce EVER!

My kids love it, my wife and I love it and our guests order it after they try it. We put it on pretty much anything. Eggs, Breakfast burritos, burgers, steaks, potatoes...anything. My daughter dips tater tots in it. The flavor is amazing.

The Real Dill Green Chile Hot Sauce Review
United States United States

We can’t get enough!

Seriously, it’s amazing. I use it on food and in recipes. It really works for every meal! We go through it way too fast. I’m going to have to hide a bottle from the next order so my husband can’t use it all. I don’t normally buy stuff like this online but my husband brought a bottle home from an out of town shop and we loved it so much that I searched for a way to get more! I really wish I could find this at more local stores.

Sheryl J.
United States United States

Green Chili Hot Saucs

I buy it for myself and my son's family. We love it!


Best green chili sauce

We love the Green Chili sauce. Everyone that tries it while visiting loves it too.

Karen K.
United States United States

Green chili

We love the green chili and also to everyone we give it to.

Sheryl J.
United States United States


The green chile hot sauce is outstanding. My favorite hot sauce!

Justin W.
United States United States

Awesome Hot Sauce

We bought a jar in Windsor, CO while visiting family. This is the best hot sauce I have had in a long time. I like to add it to my breakfast burritos. I spent most of my life in Fort Collins and my work moved us to Little Rock. Nobody knows Tex/Mex like Colorado. We are glad that this is available online. Great product.


Homemade Cream Corn - Yes Please!

I have used the Chile Sauce in the traditional manner, tacos, eggs, enchiladas, but when I was making my homemade Jalapeno cream corn, I wanted an extra kick. Well out comes the Real Dill Chile Sauce and let me say, that is just what this batch needed. It tastes spectacular! I added two generous tablespoons and that is all it took.


A new favorite product

Sorry I have a new favorite product, it is the green chile hot sauce. This versatile sauce is a go to ingredient when I want to add some kick or a new flavor to an old recipe. I love it on eggs and in tacos. It can be added to chili soup and my enchilada casserole. I am still a pickle eater, but I will definitely restock this product.

Amy H.
United States United States


So tasty! Spicy and flavorful. Tried it on tacos and in a queso sauce and loved it. Will be ordering again!

Doug H.
United States United States

One Happy Texan!!

Great product, excellent packaging, on time.

Tina M.
United States

Completely Obsessed!

Speaking of Big Dill! EVERYTHING is delicious. It's a Big Dill when you not only LOVE but need fresh foods these days. It's really hard to find freshly made anything anymore. It's pretty sad. I absolutely love the Bloody Mary mix ( I'm doing alittle happy dance) and Green Chile Sauce. I was kinda re-thinking my cooking abilities last week when I noticed my husband putting the Chile sauce on everything I cooked. But when I asked him all he could do is smile and say this sauce is just "GOOD STUFF" babe. Thanks for making great products guys. Keep up the good work.

Jenny h.
United States

Green Chile Hot Ssuce

This stuff is great! We made some Huevos Ranchero but used the dream sauce it was great!

Donna A.
United States

The BEST Green Chile Hot Sauce!

I love your green chile hot sauce so much that I keep giving everyone in my life one of my bottles! I am a walking ad for your products, since I love the Bloody Mary Mix as well. It is the BEST mix I have ever tasted, and this is after I conducted a research trip from Wisconsin down to New Orleans, comparing bloody mary's all the way down the river. I came back to Napa, CA, and decided that THE REAL DILL Bloody Mary Mix is THE BEST.

George I.
United States

Green Chile Hot Saus

Picked up a jar locally and it's great on everything (held off on trying it on ice cream)so I ordered 5 more. They arrived undamaged and now are fast disappearing!

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