The Birth of Cool

September 22, 2015

The Birth of Cool

To celebrate the Great American Beer Festival, which is an exciting week in Denver, we have partnered with our friends at Spangalang Brewery to make a beer. A pickle beer?!?! Well, not quite.

For those of you that are familiar with how we make our Bloody Mary Mix, you probably know that the star ingredient in it is a byproduct of our pickling process — a salted cucumber water. It is essentially a cucumber infused water with a beautiful green hue and a decidedly fresh and cool flavor. We used to dump this stuff down the drain. But it smells and tastes so good that we were determined to find a great use for it and thats when we came up with our Bloody Mary Mix.

But, it turns out that this cucumber infused water is good for more than just Bloody Mary Mix. We partnered with Spangalang to make a Cucumber Gose, which is a traditional style of German wheat beer using coriander and salt. It is generally a light bodied beer with a subtle tart finish. This version is a traditional Gose, utilizing hefeweizen yeast and coriander. We then blended the beer with our salted cucumber infused water to make The Birth of Cool, a Cucumber Gose. It is tart, fresh, and cool.

The beer is being released tonight, September 22, and will be available until the last drop gets poured.

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