Preserve the Harvest: Pickling with The Real Dill and Slow Foods Denver

April 17, 2018

Preserve the Harvest: Pickling with The Real Dill and Slow Foods Denver

The members of Slow Food Denver are a diverse group of food enthusiasts with a dedication to preserving food traditions and heritage, supporting local food producers and purveyors, promoting sustainable agriculture, influencing food policy, protecting biodiversity, and educating members, school children and the greater community about the pleasures of growing and eating food.

Through two main programs, Seed-to-Table and Community Table, Slow Food Denver provide opportunities for people to interact with local food producers, to learn about food production, and to support other organizations with missions and goals similar to ours — to create a food system that’s good for the people and good for the planet.

We're thrilled to partner with Slow Food Denver for our second Preserve the Harvest pickling workshop! Preserve the Harvest was born from a desire to glean the food that grows on the boulevards and in the yards of Denver and put it to use to feed our community. Feeding our community also means making food last into the months when we can no longer get locally grown produce, thus necessitating long distance shipping and a large carbon footprint. Preserve the Harvest classes are designed to: promote community, teach about (and support) local businesses, create an understanding of seasonality, and give back to others.

Join us in The Dillery kitchen to learn tried and true craft pickling tips from the Colorado pickle experts. You’ll start with a tour of The Dillery, sample fresh ingredients, and master the art of the perfect pickle in one afternoon.

Lunch and pickled treats to take home are included in the class. A portion of the pickles we make will be donated to a charity to support their efforts.

This class will be held at:
The Real Dill
33 South Fox Street
Denver, CO 80223 

*Please note: to sign up for this event, you must purchase a ticket directly through the eventbrite link!*

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