Introducing Pueblo Chile Chips!

October 01, 2015

Introducing Pueblo Chile Chips!

We have had this recipe locked down for over two years but we just haven’t had the opportunity to  release it until now. Keeping it under wraps has been difficult because it is easily one of our favorite things we have ever made. We’ve been craving it this whole time!Even if you aren’t yet familiar with the Pueblo Green Chile you will soon be well-versed. It is Colorado’s answer to the Hatch green chile from New Mexico, and it is catching steam. We believe its an even better product than its New Mexican counterpart. This upcoming new release captures the fresh roasted green chile flavor that has become synonymous with Fall in Colorado.
Our second release in the Seasonal Series is our Pueblo Chile ChipsThey are sliced cucumbers that have been pickled with fire roasted Pueblo green chiles from Milberger Farms in Pueblo, Colorado.

The pickles are bursting with fresh-roasted green chile flavor, perfect for the season. Once you get past the pickles you’ll find a heap of chopped green chiles at the bottom of the jar to spoon into your macaroni & cheese, fold into your hamburger patties, or add to your bowl of hot green chile.

This product is gluten free and vegan. These are hitting stores this week and will be available for a limited time. Available only in Colorado.

About the Seasonal Series: The idea behind our Seasonal Series is to bring in one special ingredient, at the peak of its freshness, and make one batch of pickles to highlight that ingredient. The series will be made up of periodic limited edition releases that are made in single batches only. When its gone, its gone.  Every jar will be hand numbered with the number of the jar and the number of total jars produced. 

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