Introducing: Myrcenary Pickles

June 15, 2015

Introducing: Myrcenary Pickles

We are very excited to announce the second release in our Briners & Brewers series. We teamed up with Odell Brewing Co to make Myrcenary Pickles!

The best part about our Briners & Brewers series is that it truly is a genuine collaboration. We go into it without having any plans. But through the process of building relationships and a shared learning of one another’s approach to our respective crafts, we collaborate to make something really special and unique.

This collaboration is all about marrying the two crafts – of brewing beer and making pickles – and applying aspects of each process to one another. And proudly, we do not use any actual finished beer to make it. Just the raw ingredients.

We first met folks from Odell Brewing Co at the Great Divide taproom several years ago. Great Divide, of course, was our first collaborator in the Briners & Brewers series, so it was fateful that they would lead us to our next collaborator. There was immediate mutual interest in working together and eventually we were invited up to the brewery to brew a batch of Myrcenary with some of their brewers.

Getting an understanding of how they make their beer and how they approach the craft was a special treat for us. We spent the day learning how and why they do what they do and were really pleasantly surprised to find that there were a lot of similarities in how we approach our respective crafts. We brainstormed ways in which we could bring the two crafts together in order to make a pickle that highlights the bold and balanced flavors of Myrcenary Double IPA.

We landed on the idea of using the hopped wort as a basis for our brine. The hopped wort is essentially the beer before yeast has been added and before it has been fermented. The idea of having actual Myrcenary DNA in the product was too good to pass up. So, we built a brine with the hopped wort as the star ingredient, adding vinegar, spices, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and grapefruit zest to bring out some of the bright citrus flavors and aromas that the Myrcenary is known for. Then we dry hopped the brine for over a week to round it out with bold hop flavors and aromas. The result is a brine that has a tremendous amount of beer character and is as closely related to Myrcenary Double IPA as a pickle brine can get. Then we add a whole hop cone to each jar, for good measure.

Please join us on July 10th at the Odell Brewing Co taproom to celebrate the release of the Myrcenary Pickles. They will be available at the Odell tap room beginning July 10th and in liquor stores throughout Colorado starting the week of July 13. More details to come. Cheers!

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