All Treats, No Tricks: Our Commitment to Natural Ingredients

October 18, 2021

All Treats, No Tricks: Our Commitment to Natural Ingredients

Nothing screams fall like crunchy, colorful leaves on the ground, a slight chill in the air, and October's very own holiday, Halloween. From crafty costumes to spooky decor, trick-or-treating, and Jack-O'-Lanterns, Halloween is undoubtably one of the best times of the year for children and adults alike. However, Halloween is also one of the only times when haunting tricks and startling frights are warmly welcomed. When it comes to the ingredients list found in your favorite pickles and Bloody Mary mix, deceit and terror are the last things you want to encounter. So, we will leave the scaring to the ghosts and ghouls. Our natural pickles and vegan Bloody Mary Mix are made up of all treats and no tricks, and our commitment to using all natural ingredients will ensure this never changes.

Over the last several years, people have become more aware of the foods that they consume, especially as it pertains to the pantry food items that they buy. Buyer beware, healthy snacks that are marketed as such are not always as clean as they seem, which makes reading ingredient lists more important than ever. We are proud to share the intentions and methods behind our natural ingredients and all natural products. Furthermore, we want to be transparent about all of the ways we are committed to making all natural products, so that you can have a clean conscience the next time you sip on a Bloody Mary or snack on your favorite pickle.

At The Real Dill, we approach consumer packaged goods with a chef’s mentality, which means that we are slaves to the details. We handcraft all of our pickles and Bloody Mary Mix in small batches, with obsessive attention to quality. Everything is created by hand and in-house, and made 100% from scratch using whole, singular ingredients. This means that none of our ingredients contain other ingredients, and we do no use anything that you do not recognize from your own pantry or garden. In fact, all of the ingredients found in our products are words that you can pronounce and none of them are made in a test tube.

We are also relentlessly committed to making the absolute best products of their kind, and when it comes to quality, we make no compromises. One of our goals at The Real Dill is to create all natural products that are better than any existing products on the market and done in the best way possible.

We are driven to create fresh, convenient, unconventional food, and we strive to bring the backstory into the product experience. Our all natural pickles and vegan Bloody Mary Mix are made at our facility, which we call The Dillery, in Denver, Colorado. Our incredible production staff, also known as The Dillionaires, handcraft all of our food products from scratch using the finest ingredients that we can source.

Since we make natural products, we have to chase the harvest as the produce seasons change. We work with a produce broker to ensure that we receive the freshest, highest quality ingredients on the market. If we receive ingredients that are not up to our standards, we do not use them in our pickles or Bloody Mary Mix, and instead, we will forgo making batches of our products, if necessary. At all cost, we will never compromise the quality of our pickled goodies.

We also believe in clean, simple, real food. We intentionally craft all of our products so that the raw ingredients shine. From the beautiful presentation to the fresh flavor, our products are designed around the natural ingredients that we use in each unique recipe. We also believe that most people eat with their eyes, and with that in mind, we use fresh ingredients to illustrate unique and authentic flavor profiles. Not to mention, the visual presentation really adds plate appeal! For example, all of our natural pickles are packed in jars that have unique spices and garnishes, which make for a beautiful presentation and add loads of flavor to the final product. Our Caraway Garlic Dills have tons of fresh dill, fresh garlic, and toasted caraway seeds, which is the first thing you notice when looking at the jar. Better yet, when you taste Caraway Garlic Dills, they taste exactly how you would expect them to based on the way the jar looks.

We use the same pickling method as people have used for generations when they canned their harvest for the winter months. Traditionally, pickling is a form of canning or a means to preserve produce. Pickles are canned so that they will last for a long period of time, and the pickling process preserves the produce used in the pickles, which would otherwise spoil before the next harvest season. When we make our natural pickles, we use a cold pack method, which means that we first add all of the raw ingredients, spices, and garnishes to the jar. After the jar is packed to the top, we add hot brine to the jar, and we seal it with a lid. Lastly, the jar is submerged in a water bath, which partially cooks the raw ingredients and also seals the jar so that everything is safely preserved and will not mold. This process allows us to make a shelf stable product that will last, unopened, for a long time. It also permits us to eliminate the use of any preservatives. Surprisingly, many pickles found in a grocery store contain chemical based preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Metabisulphite. The truth is, there is no need to add any chemicals if the pickles are preserved with a simple, traditional canning method.

Similar to our pickles, our vegan Bloody Mary Mix was built around simple, high quality ingredients. Cucumber infused water, a byproduct of our pickling process, is the star ingredient in our famed vegan Bloody Mary Mix. Paired with generous amounts of horseradish, dill, garlic, and habaneros, we bottled the essence of your backyard garden, shattering the stigma that freshness can’t come in a jar. Unlike most mixes, ours only contains ten ingredients. It is bursting with bold, rich flavors and is ready to drink as is, no doctoring required. Bright, vivacious, and spirited, we set a new standard for what Bloody Marys can and should be.

Just like conventional pickles, the ingredients found in most Bloody Mary mixes are often full of chemicals, preservatives, and compound ingredients, such as Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce, that contain more chemicals and preservatives. Our bestselling Bloody Mary Mix has the following ingredients: water, tomato paste, vinegar, cucumber juice, salt, dill, garlic, horseradish, spices, habanero. All of these natural items are things that you would have in your pantry or garden, and they are vegan and gluten free, which believe it or not, is also rare for most mixes on the market.

The next time you bite into a crunchy pickle or whip up a Bloody Mary on a lazy Sunday, we hope you think of all of the time, effort, care, and love that goes into each and every one of the jars that leaves our facility. Plus, you can sit back and enjoy the experience, guilt free, knowing that every ingredient you are consuming is healthy and good for you.

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