Giving Back


Lets face it, if we aren’t making our community - and the world at large - a better place, our time here will have felt like a waste. Most businesses have resources and reach that the average person does not. That is why we believe that it is our responsibility seek out creative ways to leverage our resources in order to make a positive and lasting impact on our community.

To ensure that our contributions are made in a way that is intentional and designed to maximize our impact, we will select one charitable partner to be the recipient of our charitable giving and donations for the year. The charitable partner that is chosen will receive the following during the year: 

  • Host one fundraising event at The Dillery
  • $100 worth of donation items for auctions in up to 4 fundraising events
  • 5% of all online sales in February, May, August, and November
  • 100% of the proceeds from one TRD hosted event and have a physical presence at the event
  • A Real Dill Bloody Mary bar at one fundraising event
  • Receive $1 from each ticket sale for Dillery tours
*Must be a registered non-profit organization in the state of Colorado and serve Colorado communities in order to qualify. 
Charitable partners are chosen in January of every year. If you would like to be considered as our charitable partner for 2017, please email your responses to the following questionsApplications must be received by 1/31/2017 in order to be considered.
  • Name of organization
  • EIN number
  • Name of point person
  • Phone number
  • Email address 
  • Website
  • Details about your organization 
  • Why should your organization be considered for our partnership?
  • What is your goal in partnering with TRD? 
  • Other information you'd like to share with us
When donating our time and resources, we prioritize the causes that are most dear to us
  • Food security
  • Education
  • Arts & creativity 
  • Environmental 
  • Mental health

*Priority is given to causes that support marginalized populations in our local community