Our Values

We're, unconditionally and unapologetically:

  • Natural - Made only with ingredients you'd recognize from your pantry or garden.
  • Clean - Made with only singular ingredients, meaning that none of our ingredients contain other ingredients. 
  • From scratch - Made in house and by hand. No outsourcing.
  • Unconventional - Proudly paving our own path, not blindly following the dogma of our industry.
  • Responsible - Doing right by our community and our environment. 
  • Independent - 100% founder owned, meaning we are loyal to our vision, not the deliverables of an investor. 
Similarly, our core values are not just a bunch of words hanging on the wall. They were developed thoughtfully and the words were chosen carefully. We stay true to our values no matter what - even if it creates a competitive disadvantage to do so. They are the reason that we do what we do and they are non-negotiable. When we are presented with a difficult decision we carefully consider whether or not it matches our values and once we have that answer it becomes an easy decision to make.  

Our Core Values

  1. Foster a spirited community based on togetherness and teamwork.
  2. Embrace the creative process and strive to break the mold. 
  3. Humbly serve ourselves, our collaborators, our customers, and our community. 
  4. Have fun and love what we do. 
  5. Build relationships with our supporters by authentically engaging with them.