Introducing the Passport Series- Priority Partners

New year, new pickles!

We are excited to share some big news regarding our 2020 product lineup! This year, we are introducing a new series of limited pickles: The Passport Series.

The Passport Series

We believe that food has the ability to transport us, and that experiencing unfamiliar aromas and flavors can take us on a journey around the globe. The Passport Series - consisting of four extremely limited pickle releases - explores distinctive flavors from cuisines around the world. 

The Passport Series consists of four different annual releases, one per quarter. Each release will be available in limited quantities and for a limited time only. 

IN with the old & IN with the new

The Passport Series consists of four different products, two existing products and two brand new ones. All four products are pickled cucumber spears in 32 oz jars - the same container used for our other 32 oz products. 

Rebranded versions of Spicy Caribbeans and Thai Chile Ginger are two of the annual releases in the Passport Series. Thai Chile Ginger will debut for the first time as spears in a 32 oz jar. 

We are extremely excited to also debut two brand new, never made before, globally inspired pickle flavors to accompany the Spicy Caribbeans and Thai Chile Ginger in this series. Stay tuned for more details!

You get first dibs. No joke!

You have been identified as one of less than 20 Priority Partners and therefore, you get priority access to these products. 

Some of the considerations that went into making you a Priority Partner include: 

  • You carry all, or most, of our “core” products
  • You have a history of carrying our limited offerings 

As long as (a) the above considerations continue to apply, (b) you continue to carry each of the Passport Series releases, and (c) your account remains in good standing, you will maintain your Priority Partner Status.

How do I order?

We will send out an email announcement to Priority Partners two weeks prior to the release date for each individual release in this series. The email will contain a case quantity that has been reserved for you. You will have one week to confirm whether you would like us to send you the full reserved quantity or a different amount.

We will not be taking Passport Series orders during any other period of time, so we appreciate you withholding your orders for these products until we open the Pre-sale Period.


Please refer to our Passport Series FAQ page if you have any questions that this email did not answer. If you still have questions that are not addressed, you know how to reach us!