Passport Series FAQ

Why is availability so limited? Why don’t you just make more?
We believe these are very special products, both in concept and execution. Ensuring that they are limited, and to some extent, hard to find, helps keep them special to the consumer. 

That said, we will be maximizing our batch size on these products, making the absolute most that we can in a single batch. We do not currently have the production capacity to devote more than one production to each individual release per year. Therefore we are making the highest yield possible in the production.

When will these products be available? 
Anticipated availability is as follows, but is subject to change:

  • Passport Series #1 - First or second week of March
  • Passport Series #2 - Last week of May/First week of June
  • Passport Series #3 - Last week of August/First week of September
  • Passport Series #4 - Last week of October/First week of November 

Please see our Availability Calendar for more details on product availability (coming soon).

Can I place an order now for when they become available?
In order to make the allocation process go as smoothly as possible, we will only be taking orders during the specified pre-order period. We appreciate you withholding your orders until we have made the announcement that the pre-order period has begun. 

I placed an order but didn’t get any. Why?
Unfortunately due to the limited nature of these products, there are not enough for all of our retail partners to carry them. When necessary we prioritize high-performing retail partners that:

  • carry our full line of “core” products
  • have a history of carrying our limited offerings
  • specialize in selling food products

Why are these more expensive than your other pickles? 
These products are extremely limited in availability and made with unique and specialized ingredients. Additionally, we believe that price is an important tool for communicating value, and we want consumers to understand that the products in this series are particularly special and unique. For these reasons the MSRP will be $1 higher than our standard pickle offerings. The label will also be designed to distinguish these products from our standard offerings. 

When will [insert Passport Series Product Name here] be available again?
Each product in the Passport Series will be released once per year. We plan to keep the releases consistent from year to year. You can expect each product to be released around the same time of year, each year.  

What are the four products included in this series?
Thai Chile Ginger and Spicy Caribbeans will be two of the four products in the Passport Series. We are currently in the process of developing the other two products, but we do not plan to reveal them until the time of their release.  

Will you be releasing the same four products every year?
Yes, that is the plan, but we do reserve the right to make changes to the product lineup for this series.

Are there any marketing materials available for the Passport Series products?
We have shelf talkers available for each product in the Passport Series. Please let us know if you have ideas on other materials that would be helpful!

Are these products available in food service packaging?
No. These products are for retail only.