Jalapeno Honey Dills

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  • If homemade was a flavor, it’s what you taste in these uniquely familiar, yet one-of-a-kind, pickles

    A dynamic combination of Colorado wildflower honey, jalapeño, and onion create a pleasant balance of sweet and savory. The fateful day when we cracked open the first jar of these contrastingly nuanced pickles is now referred to as “The Pickle Epiphany,” when our hobby officially graduated to a profession. If homemade was a flavor, it’s what you taste in these uniquely familiar, yet one-of-a-kind pickles.

    Net Weight: 32 oz. | 1 quart 

    Here's the dill. We’re relentlessly committed to making the absolute best products of their kind, and when it comes to quality, we make no compromises. This means we only use the finest fresh, natural ingredients that you recognize from your pantry or garden. None of our ingredients are created in a test tube. We proudly handcraft all of our products in small batches from scratch, in Denver Colorado, with care, intention, and love.

    Giving Back. We launched our Charitable Partner Program to achieve our goal of giving back through fundraising and outreach. Every year, we select one nonprofit partner to be the recipient of our donations.

    Environmental Commitment. We’re proudly a zero-food-waste company, which repurposes or donates 100% of its food scraps to a local nonprofit that composts them for their urban farming programs.

  • Ingredients: cucumbers, water, vinegar, Colorado honey, jalapeño, dill, salt, onion, spices, garlic

  • How long do your pickles last?

    They’ll last as long as it takes for you to eat them as long as all of the product inside of the jar is submersed in the brine. If one of the pickles is sticking out above the brine and it sits like that for several months, mold can develop. Otherwise, the pickles won't go bad. We do, however, recommend eating them within one year of when they were made. The date that they were made is stamped on the jar. After one year they will start to degrade in quality and become less crunchy.

    Do your pickles need to be refrigerated?

    Only after they have been opened. Until then, they are safe to store in a cool, dark place.

    Are your pickles vegan?

    All of our pickles are vegan except for our Jalapeño Honey Dills.

    Are your pickles gluten free?

    All of our pickles are gluten free except for the pickles in our Briners & Brewers series.

    How many pickles come in a jar?

    The number of pickles that come in a jar depends on the size of the cucumber, but on average, there are around 16 pickles in each 32 oz jar and around 30 pickle slices in each 16 oz jar. Regardless of size, we pack the jars with as many pickles as we can fit! You’ll never see empty space in the jar where we could have fit more pickles.

    How do make you your pickles so crunchy?

    There are a lot of precautions that we take to make our pickles crisp. The single most important thing is that we never compromise when it comes to the quality of the ingredients we use, and we ensure we receive the freshest cucumbers that we can find.

    Which one is your “regular dill”?

    The Caraway Garlic Dills is the closest thing we make to a traditional dill pickle.

    Can you eat the extra stuff in the jars?

    Yes! With just a little bit of creativity you can use everything in the jar. Check our Recipes page for some great recipe ideas.

    Are your pickles fermented?

    No, they are preserved using a vinegar-based brine.

    Where do the cucumbers come from?

    Depending on the time of year, they may come from Colorado, California, Florida, Georgia, Mexico, Michigan, or wherever we can find the best quality cucumbers at the time.

    Why do you put sugar in your dill pickles?

    We use a marginal amount of sugar because it helps to create a roundness with the salt and vinegar, which makes those flavors a little less harsh and pronounced. We only add a marginal amount of sugar, and most people do not even detect any sweetness.

    Are your products available in stores near me?

    They might be! Check out our store locator page to see if there are any stores near you that carry our products.

    Are your products made with preservatives or other weird ingredients?

    No, we do not use any ingredients that you would not recognize from your own pantry or garden. Check out the list of ingredients on the “Nutrition & Ingredients Tab” on each product page.

    Do you make it or is it made by a contractor?

    We do not contract out any production. We make everything in our own facility (called The Dillery) in Denver, Colorado.

    To view a more extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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You are paying alot of money for a true dill experience which you will not get with this product!! I was so disappointed!! There is No HINT OF DILL AT ALL!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! There was a SUPER slight and I mean SUPER slight taste of Jalapeno Honey!!!

United States United States

These Pickles Are EVERYTHING

These pickles will cure a broken heart. They’ll stave off a hangover and they’ll surely write your mom a nice letter on her birthday. A lil sweet and a lil’ kick, the combo will make your mouth water for days after that first bite, just thinking about it. If I were going to be stranded on an island, these pickles are the one thing I would bring. If I share them, it is with immense love. Absolutely worth a try if you’re on the fence. But be honest with yourself and buy 10 jars to get you started.

Michael M.
United States United States

The Real Dillicious!

These are so good! Unlikely to buy any other kind of pickles from here on out.

A The Real Dill Customer
Carla N.
United States United States

Amazing quality and taste

Love the Jalapeno Honey Dills. Excellent packaging, shipping and presentation. Even better crisp taste. Will continue ordering from Texas. Thanks!

James C.
United States United States

Great pickle

These are my absolute favorite pickle, just the right amount of sweetness, sour, balanced by a background heat, with a great crunch. I always have a few jars in the house.

Toyo C.
United States United States


The website is easy to use. updates were great. of course the product is AMAZING. I have to ration them out or I will eat a jar in 2 days.

Jen S.
United States United States

Pickle connoisseur

Fantastic! Not as spicy as I was expecting, but the overall flavor was picklicious!

Carla N.
United States United States


I was blown away by these that I keep ordering them from Texas. They’re the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, yet I wouldn't say they’re actually sweet or spicy. They’re perfect and so delicious, juicy and fresh.

Kelsey M.
United States United States

Some of the best pickles I’ve had!

I am a spicy food fan and expected these to be higher on the spice scale, but I was mistaken. That did not, however, diminish how delicious I found these flavorful pickles to be. For anyone looking for a tasty and different pickle I would recommend these highly!

donna g.
United States United States

my daughter sand son-in -law just loved them !!!

They said the pickles were great!!

Greg B.
United States United States

Awesome Dills

I love these pickles they are the best in gin martinis with a splash of the dill liquid. They are also great by themselves. Ordering is a breeze, such a quality product.

Sam F.
United States United States

Pickle Love

My wife is loving the Jalapeno Honey Dills. We both are fanatics about your products.

Barbara B.
United States United States

Jalapeño Honey Dills

These are the best pickles ever made!

Ted H.
United States United States


I love all your dill products. I limit myself to one spear per day.

United States United States

Jalapeño Honey Dill

Pickles were delicious however not even of the jalapeño taste compared to the honey. I would still buy them again though.

Nate H.
United States United States


My dad loves the pickles- thank you very much. It made his birthday. Will buy from again.

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