Zero Waste 2.0

Our Zero Food Waste Commitment:

“Waste not, want not” is a proverb that we take to heart. When you wash, prep, and cut over 4,000 lbs of fresh produce every single week, you wind up with a lot of food waste. In the early days of The Real Dill, we were tossing around 200 lbs of food scraps in the trash every week. Cucumbers, raw horseradish, dill, and peppers were bagged up and taken to the dumpster. Throwing all of those scraps in the landfill never seemed like the best way to dispose of them. So, we partnered with a handful of local nonprofits, which turn our food trash into compost treasure. Every week, we divert about 775 lbs of vegetable waste from the landfill and into the hands of our composting partners. That’s over 40,000 lbs per year! With these partnerships and a little creativity, we've successfully progressed forward on our journey to becoming a pickle company that achieves zero food waste.


Our Certifications:

  • Since 2016, Certifiably Green Business (recognized by city of Denver and state of Colorado)
  • Gold member of Environmental Leadership Program


Our Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Striving to operate a zero food waste facility through our composting and recycling programs
  • Our employee-led “Green Team” directs sustainability initiatives to further the company’s environmental impact


Our Progress:

  • x% of our product packaging is recyclable
  • Divert over  40,000 pounds of food scraps away from the landfill annually.