Our Pledge 2.0

We're, unconditionally and unapologetically:


Natural: Made only with ingredients you'd recognize from your pantry or garden.

Clean: Made with only singular ingredients, meaning that none of our ingredients contain other ingredients. 

From scratch: Made in house and by hand. No outsourcing.

Unconventional: Proudly paving our own path, not blindly following the dogma of our industry.

Responsible: Doing right by our community and our environment. 

Independent: 100% founder owned, meaning we are loyal to our values, not the deliverables of an investor.


Let’s face it, if we aren’t making our community - and the world at large - a better place, our time here will have felt like a waste. Most businesses have resources and reach that the average person doesn't, which is why we believe that it’s our responsibility to seek out creative ways to leverage our resources in order to make a positive and lasting impact on our environmental footprint and community.


Our Environmental Commitment

We hold ourselves accountable for the impact we make.