Charitable Partner Program 2.0

Not only are we committed to humbly serving ourselves, our collaborators, and our customers, we are also devoted to supporting and leaving a lasting impact on our community. In the beginning of 2017, we launched our Charitable Partner Program, in which we partner with one local nonprofit on a long-term basis to achieve our goals of giving back through community outreach and fundraising.


The GrowHaus (2017, 2019-present)

The mission of The GrowHaus is to cultivate community-driven food justice through education and food access. They offer food distribution programming and educational opportunities related to growing and cooking food, as well as overall wellness. The organization serves the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea (GES) neighborhoods, two vibrant neighborhoods in North Denver, rich in culture and tradition. However, residents of GES face barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. There is not one full service grocery store for the 10,000 residents living in GES. Additionally, the heavily industrious neighborhood has been deemed one of the most polluted zip codes in the country. However, residents of Globeville and Elyria-Swansea are incredibly resilient and passionate about supporting their neighbors and ensuring healthy food access.  


The GrowHaus strives to be a community-driven organization, meaning that their goal is to have all programs led and implemented by members of their community or others from similar neighborhoods. They are successful when the youth, families, and communities that they work with are empowered to feed, nourish and strengthen themselves and each other.


We have raised over $47,000 to support The GrowHaus' mission to make healthy food a right for all and not a privilege for some.


Denver Food Rescue (2018)

Denver Food Rescue is a Denver-local nonprofit that uses the sustainable method of bicycle power and an amazing volunteer crew to save good produce from grocery stores, farmers markets, and distributors that would otherwise be thrown away. Denver Food Rescue then redistributes this food directly to organizations that work with food-insecure communities. 


In 2018, we've raised over $8000 to support Denver Food Rescue's mission to address health equity, food security, and integration feedback.