Pueblo Chile Chips


  • Seasonal Series Release: Summer 2015

    **This is a seasonal release and this product is not currently available.**

    Net Weight: 16 oz. ( 474 g )

    Driven by creativity, we present our Seasonal Series. With seasonal ingredients like Pueblo Green Chiles the window for applying that creativity closes fast. So we make a single batch, preserving at the peak of freshness. These cucumber pickles perfectly capture that fire-roasted green chile flavor that define Fall in Colorado.

  • Ingredients: Fresh Cucumbers, Water, Vinegar, Green Chiles, Salt, Lime Juice, Spices*, Panela (Piloncillo)
  • Are your products available in stores near me?

    They might be! Check out the store locator on the “Where To Buy” page to see if there are any stores near you that carry our products. Distribution on products in the Briners & Brewers series are typically limited to liquor stores in Colorado.

    What is the Briners & Brewers series?

    The Briners & Brewers Series is a collaborative series that emerged from our love for craft food & beer. For each release we partner with a craft brewery to make a pickle based off of one of their beers. Utilizing not a single drop of beer, but rather the same raw ingredients used to make the beer, the result is a product that creatively marries the crafts of brewing & brining.

    How long will these be available?

    They are not currently available and we are not sure whether or not we will be making these again. 

    How do you get them so crunchy?

    There are a lot of precautions that we take to make them so crisp, but the single most important thing is never compromising when it comes to the quality of ingredients and making sure we get the freshest cucumbers we can find.

    How long do they last?

    They’ll last as long as it takes you to eat them as long as all of the product inside of the jar is submersed in the brine. If one of the pickles is sticking out above the brine and it sits like that for several months it can develop mold. Otherwise they won’t go bad. We do, however recommend eating them within one year of when they were made. The date that they were made is stamped on the jar. After one year they will start to degrade in quality and become less crunchy.

    Do they need to be refrigerated?

    Only after they have been opened. Until then they are safe to be stored in a cool, dark place.

    Is it gluten free?

    No, because this is made with brewing malts and grains this is the only product of ours that is not gluten free.

    Is it vegan?


    Is that a whole hop cone in the jar?!


    Are these fermented?

    No they are preserved using a vinegar-based brine.

    Do these pickles contain alcohol?


    Where do the cucumbers come from?

    Depending on the time of year they may come from Colorado, California, Florida, Georgia, Mexico, Michigan, or wherever we can find the best quality cucumbers at the time.

    Do you make them or are they made by a contractor?

    We do not contract out any production. We make everything in our own facility (called the Dillery) in Denver, Colorado.

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