Pickle Brine

  • Your secret weapon for cocktails

    Net Weight: 16 oz. ( 473ml )

    • Use in cocktails like martinis, bloody marys, and more
    • Drink as a chaser for whiskey or tequila (aka pickle back)
    • Add to marinades, or use on its own for chicken, pork and steak
    • Splash into potato salad, dressings or other dishes to add flavor and acidity
    • Pickle the vegetables from your home garden
    • Drink during or after exercising for natural source of electrolytes
    • Sip it to give yourself a wake-up boost in the morning
    • Vegan
    • Gluten Free
    • Hand crafted in Denver, CO
    • Ingredients: fresh cucumbers, vinegar, water, salt, fresh dill, pure cane sugar, fresh horseradish, fresh garlic, fresh habanero, spices
    • Are your products available in stores near me?

      They might be! Check out the store locator on the “Where To Buy” page to see if there are any stores near you that carry our products.

      How should I use this pickle brine?

      Our favorite use is in cocktails, but it also works great in lots of food applications or to drink on its own. Check out our Recipes page for some inspiration on how to put it to use or contact us to let us know how you like to use pickle brine at home!


      Do you make this or are they made by a contractor?

      We do not contract out any production. We make everything in our own facility (called the Dillery) in Denver, Colorado.

      Is it vegan?


      Is it gluten free?


      Are these family recipes?

      No family recipes. We create every recipe from scratch!

      Can you just drink this straight?

      Yes! Its really tasty all by itself. 

      How long does it last?

      The pickle brine will last two years unopened and at least a size months after being opened and refrigerated. 

      Does it need to be refrigerated?

      Only after it has been opened. Until then it is safe to be stored in a cool, dark place.

      Is this made with preservatives or other weird ingredients?

      Nope, we do not use any ingredients that you would not recognize from your own pantry or garden. Check out the list of ingredients on the “Ingredients” tab.



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