Behind The Brine

October 07, 2016

Behind The Brine

Brine is the lifeblood of any good pickle. In the same way that biting into a raw cucumber won't confuse you for eating a pickle, drinking brine by itself is no substitute for "pickle juice". When the two are combined something magical happens - the cucumber is infused with flavor and transformed into a pickle and the brine goes from a salty, acidic solution to a balanced and uniquely flavorful weapon for your mixology and culinary pursuits. 

We have always encouraged people that enjoy our products to put everything in the jar to good use. Since day one in the pickle game, we've been committed to the mantra: 'Leave No Brine Behind'. We conserve every drop of brine, plus the leftover peppers, onions, and herbs for use in cocktails, marinades, dressings, soups, and more. Why let a good thing go to waste, right?

Over the years we have been occasionally asked whether or not we sell the brine by itself. The pickle-weirdo in us loved the idea, but it just didn't seem like there were enough weirdos out there like us that would be interested enough in it. But then another pickle company stirred the pot. Gordy's Pickle Jar released a canned brine and it seemed that the food and beverage world was flipped on its head. The excitement that it generated was palpable and measured in the articles published and emails, calls and comments we received. Seemingly out of nowhere we had dozens of our retail partners and countless customers demanding that we start bottling our brine. Credit definitely goes to Gordy's for bringing out the pickle-weirdos, or as it is said in more businesslike terms - creating a market for pickle brine. 

So, we decided to play around with it. All of our pickles have a unique brine that we crafted specifically for each recipe. Brines differ in the types of vinegar, the spices and herbs, the sweetener, ratios of vinegar to water, and so many other ways. Our go-to brine has always been that from the jar of our Habanero Horseradish Dills. Well-balanced, slightly spicy, and full of dill and floral spices. But, the brine that goes into the jar when we make the pickles is worlds apart from the brine that results after weeks of marinating alongside cucumbers, horseradish, dill, habanero, garlic and spices. We couldn't simply pour the brine out from the pickle jar and let those pickles go to waste! So the challenge was to create the brine with the full complement of flavors that you get from the pickle jar without wasting any ingredients. 

After months of experimenting we finally perfected it. You may notice some subtle differences from the brine in the pickle jar and the brine in the bottle, but you won't find any important components missing. This is not just vinegar water - this is pickle brine made with fresh cucumbers, fresh horseradish, fresh dill, fresh garlic, and fresh habaneros. Acidic but balanced and full of flavor.

This stuff is a secret weapon. Our favorite uses are for cocktails and marinades, but it also is great to drink on its own, as a natural replacement for electrolytes, fantastic to add acidity and flavor to soups, perfect in potato salad and dressings - and so much more. 

Stay tuned for this new product to be available on our website and in stores soon! In the meantime, we'll be sharing the various bars that are making cocktails using our brine in and around Denver. We'll be updating our Recipes page with cocktail and other recipes. We also welcome you to send us your recipes or let us know how you put your brine to use. 



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